MG7105 – Howitzer Barrel Cleaning System

Product Description

NSN 1025-01-564-9417


Today’s high-performance artillery requires regular cleaning to ensure maximum performance and operational readiness as measured, for example by less muzzle velocity (MV). The strenuous labor associated with barrel cleaning can now be replaced with a quick, easy, and more efficient process.

The MG7105 System kit drastically reduces the time, cost and inconvenience of cleaning. It also removes propellant residues in an environmentally-safe manner.

Now, cleaning can be performed using a simple procedure that does not require special training or tools. All that is required is a MG7105 System kit that is comprised of a pneumatic vibrating rod device, automatic bore cleaner dispenser, cleaning brushes and carrying case.


  • The vibrating action of the cleaning system quickly removes all residues and fouling, leaving the bore in pristine condition.
  • The entire process can be performed in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.
  • The howitzer doesn’t need to be taken out of service during the cleaning process.
  • It is designed for simple motor pool application with no gun disassembly required.
  • Militarized waterproof carrying case with all accessories included for ease of transportation and weighs less than 57 pounds/26kg for 105mm kit
  • When cleaning is complete the bore is left with a thin protective coat of oil down the entire length of the bore.


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