New HSTRU Award

Mandus Group Receives Another Order for its Hydraulic System Test and Repair Units (HSTRU)

Mandus Group is pleased to announce it has received another award for its HSTRU from the U.S. Army’s Program Manager for Sets, Kids, Outfits, and Tools (PM SKOT).

This contract, for 16 units, was awarded on September 25, 2017. Since being selected as the US Army’s OEM in 2011, we have manufactured over 800 HSTRUs upon delivery of this order all delivered on schedule and on budget. The HSTRU was designed to be brought to the field, at the point of breakdown, every tool and component necessary to repair and service a hydraulic system failure, as well as provide post repair testing. The HSTRU is a perfect solution for our Armed Forces in providing field support to the mechanized maneuver forces on the battlefield. The HSTRU is highly adaptable and can be outfitted to most any specification. Contact Mandus Group at 1-888-922-8502 for more information on the HSTRU and how it can be adapted to your requirement!