The Thunder masthead showing an artillery cannon firing into the desert.

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HSTRU and KJ1000 product pictures

November Newsletter

November 28, 2017

Article Titles:

  • New Contract Awards
  • AUSA Follow Up
  • Ready….Set….Go!!
  • Current Events – Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment (MFIX)
105mm Hawkeye/HMMWV Live Firing Projectile at Camp Atterbury, IN

August Newsletter

August 15, 2017

Article Titles:

  • Hawkeye 105mm Firing Exercises
  • Mandus Group Receives MG1100 Order
  • Future Artillery and NDIA Follow Up
  • Ready….Set….Go!!
  • Current Events
White, rectangular pop-up building

April Newsletter

April 6, 2017

Article Titles:

  • Hawkeye 105mm Integration with HMMWV
  • Mandus Group Receives HSTRU Orders
  • IDEX Follow Up
  • Current Events


White, rectangular pop-up building

February Newsletter

February 28, 2014

Article Titles:

  • Pop-Up Packs Designed to Assist Disaster Relief Workers
  • PMSKOT Orders Additional 34 HSTRUs
  • The MG1100 Nitrogen Generator Has Been Upgraded With Increased Output and Additional Features
  • Current Events


Hawkeye Artillery Cannon mounted on top of a white Ford truck.

June Newsletter

June 6, 2013

Article Titles:

  • The Hawkeye has found a New Home…Mounted on a 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck
  • Mandus Group to Provide KJ4000CVs to Rock Island Arsenal
  • The HSTRU Production Line is Going Strong


Hawkeye Artillery Cannon mounted on top of a white Ford truck.

October Newsletter

October 1, 2012

Article Titles:

  • The Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System Completes First World Tour and Second Phase of Testing
  • The MG1100 Nitrogen Generator Solves the Logistical Problems of Obtaining Nitrogen Gas in the Field
  • Mandus Group and LTC Collaborate to Provide Laser-Based Artillery Gun Tube Inspection
  • Current Events
Rendering of 155mm Soft Recoil Howitzer cannon.

March Newsletter

March 27, 2012

Article Titles:

  • Mandus Group has Signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Benet Labs
  • Current Events
  • 155mm Soft Recoil Howitzer Program has Commenced
  • The Hawkeye 105mm Weapon/Vehicle System Begins the Next Phase of Testing
  • TACOM has Contracted Mandus Group to Manufacture KJ1000 Nitrogen Intensifiers


Mandus Group/Watervliet signing partnership

November Newsletter

November 22, 2011

Article Titles:

  • Watervliet Arsenal has Formed a Public/Private Partnership with Mandus Group
  • Current Events
  • Mack’s Sherpa Provides Ideal Platform for the Hawkeye
  • The Hawkeye Test Fired Live Rounds at Camp Grayling
  • Mandus Group has been Awarded a Contract to Deliver 233 HSTRUs
Hawkeye Artillery cannon mounted on the back of a truck.

September Newsletter

September 21, 2011

Article Titles:

  • Mandus Group Goes the Extra Mile in Customer Service
  • Current Events
  • Welcome to The Next Step in The Evolution of Light Artillery
  • The Hawkeye Passes Its First Test With Flying Colors
  • A Quick Look at The Hawkeye’s Cutting Edge Digital Fire Control System
Military officer operating cannon control unit.

August Newsletter

August 15, 2011

Article Titles:

  • Mandus Group is Certified ISO 9001 for the 8th Straight Year
  • Mandus Group Can Service Both ERLS and Tritium Fire Control Systems
  • Mandus Group Offers Fire Control Repair and Training
  • The MG7100 Series of Barrel Cleaning Systems Can Drastically Reduce the Time and Energy Associated in Removing Copper from Howitzer Barrels
Two interns working at a table.

July Newsletter

July 15, 2011

Article Titles:

  • The Exterior Renovation of Mandus Group Headquarters Has Begun
  • Mandus Group Has Contracted The Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) to Assist in the Manufacturing Process for Hydraulic System Test and Repair Units (HSTRU)
  • Mandus Group Interns Are Gaining Valuable Experience Working on a New Lightweight Howitzer Project
  • The KJ4000LW and KJ4000CV Oil Transfer Systems are Indispensable Components in Maintenance Processes for Artillery
Gymnasticator being used to manufacture Mandus howitzer.

June Newsletter

June 1, 2011

Article Titles:

  • Mandus Group is Now Incorporated in Canada
  • Gymnasticators and Exercisers Can Provide Substantial Savings in Time and Money When Overhauling and Rebuilding Howitzers
  • The 52-Caliber Barrel Modification Can Dramatically Increase the Range of The 155mm M198 Howitzers
  • The MG4500 Mini Oil Transfer Unit is now The Official Replacement to The M3 Oil Pump
Intern aligning components in an M198 Howitzer base.

May Newsletter

May 1, 2011

Article Titles:

  • The M198 Howitzer is an Economic, Reliable, and Effective Towed Artillery System
  • Mandus Group Set to Inspect and Repair 120 M198 Howitzers Destined for Iraq and Thailand
  • Anniston Army Depot has Contracted Mandus Group to Build an M119 Recuperator Exerciser