Maintenance Programs

Mandus Group can provide Preventative Maintenance, Checks, and Services (PMCS) and repair support for all artillery weapon systems in service today. Keeping artillery batteries Full Mission Capable (FMC) to the highest degree possible is no easy task considering the complexity and unique design of howitzers currently in service throughout the world. Cannibalization of parts to keep guns in service reduces unit effectiveness and mission capability. Until now there has been no single source that can provide complete artillery service and support across the full spectrum of artillery makes and models. Mandus Group is the solution! Mandus Group’s team of maintenance experts will:

  • Travel internationally to make repairs and perform PMCS on demand and on site at the customer’s location
  • Customize a maintenance solution to fit your requirements
  • Provide a maintenance team at your facility that will work with you on a part time or permanent basis ensuring that your artillery fleet is in kept FMC condition at all times
  • Train your maintenance team to perform unit level, intermediate, and depot level maintenance functions and procedures if your goal is to create a self supporting artillery maintenance infrastructure.

Desert Tan Howitzer being inspected by a mechanic.If you have a maintenance system in place, but your artillery program is in need of a scheduled maintenance plan, Mandus Group can provide expert consultation and advice that will lead to the development of a PMCS program that is tailored to specifically meet your program requirements. Once the PMCS program has been developed, Mandus Group will ensure that your artillery team receives the proper training to implement and execute it. A custom designed PMCS program will ensure reliability and longevity in your artillery systems so they are Full Mission Capable at all times. Don’t be satisfied with an artillery fleet that only looks good on paper but in reality is not mission ready due to poor maintenance procedures or an inadequate maintenance program. Call Mandus Group today for a consultation on how we can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your artillery fleet.