To complement its vast array of artillery maintenance, repair, and logistics capabilities, Mandus Group also offers expert instruction on howitzer maintenance and New Equipment Training (NET) procedures. Based off of proven US Army procedures and training plans, Mandus Group is able to provide its customers with the most effective artillery training courses available in the world today. Mandus Group’s training professionals will:

  • Provide onsite training for both maintenance and operational NET training for your artillery fleet
  • Travel worldwide to provide the specific training that will meet your particular artillery requirements
  • Provide new equipment integration, modification, upgrades, and programmed training support which will keep your gun crews and maintenance teams at peak performance
  • Provide training programs that will directly correspond to high levels of mission capability for your artillery batteries.
  • Provide operational NET training courses based on U.S. Army doctrine and standard operating procedures
  • Construct a tailored training regimen to include your particular operational and maintenance procedures and doctrine
  • Translate course materials to meet country specific language requirements

howitzer_w_trainerAs a full service artillery center Mandus Group takes great pride in providing its customers with the most advanced training available to insure top performance in both guns and gun crews. When you need artillery training call the professionals at Mandus Group!