Northern Strike 19 – Camp Grayling, MI

Mandus Group’s 105mm Hawkeye and 155mm Brutus were part of the Northern Strike Exercise which took place at Camp Grayling from 17 July to 3 August.  The 105mm Hawkeye Mobile Weapon System participated in the exercises, while 155mm Brutus Mobile Weapon System was a static display.  These two mobile howitzers represent the lightest weight wheeled mobile artillery weapon systems in the world today and show case the transformational Hybrid Soft Recoil technology. Northern Strike is an accredited National Guard-sponsored exercise that includes approximately 5,000 Army, Air Force, Marine, and Special Forces service members, as well as three coalition countries. It is responsible for providing combat readiness training and joint fire training through real life scenarios.

Below are some links to photos and videos of the Hawkeye and Brutus at Northern Strike 19.

Brutus Spotted at Northern Strike 19

National Guard Tests Hawkeye at Northern Strike 19

National Guard Live Fires Hawkeye