Hawkeye 105mm Integration with HMMWV

Mandus Group Has Teamed with AM General to Integrate its Hawkeye 105mm Howitzer to the M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV

Mandus Group is proud to announce it has teamed with AM General to create the lightest weight, most maneuverable self-propelled howitzer in the world today. AM General recognized that the unique “hybrid soft recoil” technology incorporated into the Hawkeye howitzer was a game changing development for artillery in general, especially for self-propelled artillery. Up to now, self-propelled artillery has been mounted on heavy vehicles in order to absorb the extreme shock of recoil from the howitzer. These heavy self-propelled howitzers are limited in their ability to be transported to the battlefield and also in their ability to maneuver on the battlefield due to their heavy weight. Similarly for towed artillery, once you fire the enemy knows where you are and you are now a target. Now with the Hawkeye/HMMWV self-propelled howitzer you have strategic mobility, “get to the battle quickly” on many types of transportation including helicopters. In addition, you have superior tactical maneuverability on the battlefield with lightening response “shoot and scoot” capability over a broad array of roads, bridges, and terrain that will confuse the enemy’s ability to locate your position. There simply is no other self-propelled howitzer in the world today that offers the strategic and tactical flexibility that the Hawkeye/HMMWV brings to the fight.

Using AM General’s M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV, Mandus Group engineers, working with AM General engineers, completed the design and engineering processes in record time to successfully mount the 105mm howitzer on the back of the HMMWV. After integration, live firing tests were conducted that validated the integration was a complete success. The Hawkeye/HMMWV offers extreme mobility, a four man gun crew, true “shoot and scoot” capability, and the ruggedness and reliability you would expect in a world class weapon system.

For more information and specifications on the 105mm Hawkeye/HMMWV, click here.

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Hawkeye product brochure

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