KJ4000 – Oil Transfer System

Product Description

NSN 1025-01-473-7710


The KJ4000 Oil Transfer System is a newly developed technology for use as an alternative to the M3 oil pump currently being used by all branches of the Armed Services. The KJ4000 provides .59 GPM of oil flow for ease in filling oil reservoirs, as well as recoil mechanisms, buffers, and replenishers. The KJ4000 can provide oil pressure up to 2500 PSI. The KJ4000 is engineered to self-purge its system and lines of air prior to pumping oil. The KJ4000 accepts oils from pressurized systems through the same line it discharges from by means of an innovative design. The design allows oil to flow through a 5 micron high pressure filter in either direction whether it is from a pressurized system or to a pressurized system or reservoir.


  • An alternative to the M3 oil pump
  • Increases productivity
  • .59 GPM of flow
  • Manual hand pump backup – .7 cubic inches per cycle
  • 5 micron filter for transferring fluids to and from pressurized systems
  • Indicator gauge for alerting user when 5 micron filter change is required
  • 1 year warranty
  • 5 gallon reservoir, with sight glass (standard option)
  • Self-purging design to eliminate pumping air into a closed system
  • Quick disconnects on all fittings and hoses
  • 15 foot oil transfer hose (standard option)
  • Eliminates need for oil waste disposal
  • Size 20″W x 21″D x 22½”H
  • Weight: 145 lbs.

Available Options

  • 8 gallon reservoir
  • 20 and 25 foot oil transfer hose
  • 25 foot power supply cord
  • Digital totalizing meter


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