KJ4043 – Recirculation Kit for KJ4000

Product Description


The KJ4043 Recirculation Kit was developed to decrease downtime of heavy artillery recoil mechanisms during routine or emergency maintenance. It has been used on 198 Howitzers to purge nitrogen/air from recoil mechanisms, whether that mechanism is attached to the weapon at the time or stands alone on the shop floor for repair. When used on a fully assembled weapon, the weapon is ready for service in less than an hour after the nitrogen/air is removed.

By means of its innovative design, the KJ4043 has a section of clear line that allows for a visual inspection as surplus nitrogen/air is removed from the oil and the desired nitrogen/air to oil level is restored. There is also a shut-off valve that permits oil pressurization within the recoil mechanism while it is in use.

The KJ4043 can be used on a weapon in emergency situations when mechanical seal failure allows gas to mix with oil inside the weapon. The gas can be removed quickly and the weapon returned to service, depending upon the extent of the seal failure.

With connection points that are adaptable to fit every need, the KJ4043 can be used on any weapon system or application requiring nitrogen/air removal, filtration, oil addition or recirculation.

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