MG7000 – Hose, Tube and Pipe Cleaning Kit

Product Description

NSN 4940-01-593-7525


The MG7000 is currently available for hose, tubing, and pipes of all sizes. Operation of the MG7000 is effortless and allows for cleaning to be completed in seconds as opposed to the conventional method that takes several minutes and considerable effort. The operating pressure for the MG7000 ranges from 80 PSI minimum to 110 PSI maximum.

  • ISO 13/10 cleanliness level can be achieved by using the Mandus Group MG-HL Hand Launchers and Cleaning Projectiles.
  • MG-HL Hand Launchers are supplied with Full Flow GC & Unique 360 degree Rotary Coupling for non-fatigue operator use.
  • The MG7000 is made of light-weight aluminum and has a unique and ergonomic handle for hours of continual use.
  • Bench top set-ups are available.
  • Rugged designed for all environments.

MG7000 Cleaning Projectiles

The projectile cleans by using the abrasive pressure of a diameter roughly twice the size of its respective hose, tube or pipe. For example a 1/2 inch inside diameter hose would use a 1 inch projectile. The operation is a two step process requiring a different projectile for each step.

  • Step 1 – Abrasive Removes fine particles of loose contamination and can also be used for product purging.
  • Step 2 – Cleaning Removes any residue left from the abrasive projectile.
  • Optional Step – Grinding Removes extensive build-up of contamination, surface rust or scale.


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